Taylor Swift could get students in Montana out of taking final exam

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BILLINGS, Mt. (KTVQ)– Students at Skyview High School in Billings, Montana are hoping Taylor Swift will get them out of taking their final exam.

Their world history teacher, Colter Pierce, has promised them that they will not have to take the final if they can get the singer to call him. The idea came from sophomore Ike Stoner.

“It was kind of a joke really. I just wanted to see if I could get more followers on Twitter,” Stoner says.

As Stoner put it on Twitter, fellow student Ashton Jaymes Goodell helped the cause, sharing the agreement on Facebook.

“It got out of hand fast. It escalated quickly, 22,000, 40,000, 45,000, 49. Then when I went to bed last night, its 55,000. Got here this morning 83,000. And at last check 107,000. According to our math, it’s about 100 a minute,” Pierce says.

Even if the call does happen, Mr. Pierce will administer some sort of test, but will honor the contract which school officials agreed to.

In the meantime, history is happening in the class and the students are experiencing it, using social media tools in our day and age to make the world a smaller place.

Goodell says, “I think if Taylor Swift calls then everyone is going to try to get a celebrities attention. Everyone wants to meet a celebrity like Taylor Swift. That would be crazy.”

“It’s not so much as trying to get these kids out of their final as it is seeing that celebrities are still normal, down to earth people. I think that’s the biggest driving force behind this,” says Pierce.

“Come on Taylor. Please call for us,” Stoner pleads.
So far, there’s been no call from Taylor Swift, but finals are still two weeks away.