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Closing arguments conclude day 5 of Hess trial, verdict possible Wednesday

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YORK, Pa.-- A York County man accused of hiring a hit man to kill his wife's lover will soon find out whether a jury finds him guilty.

Greg Hess is facing charges including criminal solicitation to commit murder. The final few hours of testimony came from Greg Hess himself.

Chief deputy prosecutor Tim Barker spent over an hour cross examining Hess, who agreed to hiring Calvin Jones, Jr. to beat up Chris Ward. Ward is Hess's wife's lover. Jones then became a police informant and Hess was arrested.

In closing arguments, defense attorney Farley Holt asked the jury to question Jones' credibility because Jones admitted to lying under oath which is perjury. Holt also said police conducted what he called a "piss poor" investigation. He said his client is guilty of wanting to beat up Ward, not kill him.

In the commonwealth's closing arguments, the prosecutor quoted Hess when he talked about this children saying, "My boy and my girl knew I was going to take this guy out."

Barker says Hess was angry over his wife's affair, and anger is a motive to kill.  He says killing is a way to get rid of his competition, in this case, Chris Ward.

The jury is expected to begin deliberations Wednesday.