Denver hospital to accept 40 pound anorexic woman

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DENVER, Co — A California woman’s story of battling an eating disorder has gone viral. Rachel Farookh made headlines when she posted a video asking for help to raise money for treatment.

The 37-year-old admitted that many hospitals would not treat her because she doesn’t meet the minimum weight requirements.

Now administrators at a Denver hospital say they are ready to treat her, but she will have to wait until she is healthy enough to travel to Colorado.

Rachel says she once weighed 125 pounds, but is now down to 40.  She believes that the Acute Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health may be her only hope.

Dr. Jennifer Guadini  of the Acute Center for Eating Disorders says that, "Rachel is exactly the kind of patient ACUTE was designed to treat."

Despite raising more than enough money, Rachel is not on her way to Denver. Her doctor in California wants her to stay at home because it's unsafe to travel.  Dr. Guadini argues that, "It is life-threateningly dangerous, to receive care of any type at home."

She says, "It's pretty clear without knowing her personally that this is a tragic case. And I worry every day that she could die."

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