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Hit the golf ball straighter and longer

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We go to Regents Glen Country Club in York County for the FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week. Jamie Connors, PGA Teaching Pro helps us hit the ball longer and straighter.

“The tip today is to hit the ball straighter and farther. We have 3 possibilities folks, we are going to talk about the left wrist and the face of the golf club at the top of the backswing. When the toe of the club is pointing down and my left wrist cupped.. the golf club is open. So you will see from that position, as I swing down at impact, the club is facing to the right. If the golf club is at the top of my backswing and my left wrist is bowed, the face of the golf club is pointing to the sky, that golf club is closed so as a I swing down, you will see the face of the golf club is pointing to the left. But where we really like to see the golf club, with the face of the golf club at a 45 degree angle and my left wrist and my left forearm are in a straight line, that would be square and you will see as I start down into that position, the face of the golf is pointing at the target. If the face is square at impact folks, the ball will be straight and it will go farther."