EWW customer makes disgusting discovery in Sonic bathroom

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Topeka, KS —  A photo taken in the bathroom of a Sonic restaurant has gone viral.  But the customers at the Kansas restaurant are probably hoping they don’t catch something viral after seeing it!

The picture shows hamburger and hot dog buns stored in the restroom.

A customer posted it on Facebook and the incriminating picture quickly spread.

After seeing the post several people contacted KSNT to determine whether the photo was real.

KSNT confirmed it was real and both franchise and corporate Sonic management were looking into it. And so were State Inspectors.

Caroline Sweeney said, “Department of Agriculture health inspectors were at the restaurant this morning (Thursday) even though they had been here at the beginning of May. During their inspection today, they found no other food in improper places.”

Sonic says an employee made a bad decision, telling a delivery person to put the buns in the bathroom.

Franchise owner, Travis Nusbaum said, “This is a mishap – a bad judgment by an employee at the time that was honestly stressed out at the moment.”

But for some customers, the damage had already been done.

Customer Phelicia Glass said, “I know the packages are closed and everything but it’s a toilet. It’s a bathroom. People use that. Feces, urine, the most disgusting things – that is nasty.”

A corporate spokesman for Sonic says the bread racks were in the restroom for a half hour.

He said upon realizing the error, the manager immediately threw them out.

The spokesman said workers at the location will undergo more training to ensure proper food safety steps are taken going forward.

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