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Pit bull once used for dog fighting is now living the sweet life

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A pit bull, who was once used as bait for dog fighting, is now living the sweet life.
The pup was the inspiration behind an event called Honeyfest at Shelly Park in West York on Saturday.
Her name is Honey. She was found in York about three years ago with puncture wounds all over her body and an exposed jawbone. The injuries were from dog fighting.
Now, Honey serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for bully breeds at events and festivals where people can get to know and even adopt dogs that are looking for a forever home.

"It's heartwarming, the amount of people who have come out to acknowledge that there is an issue in our city and that we need to take care of it and educate people more. Lots of loving people with the bully breeds, learning about the bully breeds and being more acceptable of them," says Jennifer Crider, Honey's owner.

Honeyfest also offered food, raffles and a kissing booth with Honey herself.
It was sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance. For more information on CPAA, click here: