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Bicyclist stops in Harrisburg on 3,500 mile journey

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A Dean at the University of Notre Dame is biking across the country to help raise money for a rare disease and he made a pit stop in Harrisburg.

Gregory Crawford rode into our Capitol City on Sunday, afternoon.
He is the school's Dean of the College of Science.
The Notre Dame clubs of Harrisburg and Gettysburg greeted him at the Capitol Building.
This is his 5th trip, taking him 3,500 miles across the country.
It's called the 'Road to Discovery.'
The goal is to raise $1,000,000 for Niemann-Pick Type C disease research.
It's a rare cholesterol disorder that can affect young children and neurons in the brain.  Some cases can be fatal.
Crawford says his long trip is worth it to spread awareness of the disease to different communities.

Crawford says, "On the ride, we go and meet with Notre Dame alumni and friends of Notre Dame University in the various towns to bring awareness and also to raise money and have events so we can actually get some of those dollars back into the research enterprise and find a cure for this disease."

His ride started five days ago in Long Island, New York.

He hopes to be in California by the end of June.