Former Harrisburg mayor speaks after agents raid his home

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Former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed spoke publicly Wednesday for the first time since agents raided his home the previous day.

He spoke with reporters for about 10 minutes and called Tuesday’s events “extremely embarrassing.”

"I did not interfere because that would start a new issue and so forth, so I let them do whatever they're going to do and they got completed and left," Reed said.

Reed said the raid came as a surprise. He said he does not know what investigators are looking for and has not gotten an inventory of what was taken from his home.

He confirmed he testified before a grand jury in Pittsburgh in April. Reed, his attorney and others are limited in what they can say publicly.

"There will be comments, plenty of them in due time, but right now I'm governed by a gag order that prohibits me from doing so," he said. "Under these circumstances, [it's] very, extremely frustrating."

Reed also disclosed that he’s been diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer, and the investigation has been taxing on his health.

The investigation is believed to center on whether Reed used taxpayer money to purchase artifacts for a planned museum as well as the deal involving the retrofit of the Harrisburg incinerator, which led to the city being hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

Reed also had a message for Harrisburg citizens.

"I think they should stand by...and wait to see how this process plays out," he said.

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