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Governor Wolf addresses business community

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - The Harrisburg Chamber and CREDC held its annual Governor's breakfast in the banquet hall of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in Harrisburg.

Governor Tom Wolf presented his first address to the regional business community. Wolf talked about his plan for the months and year ahead for the state.  Governor Wolf is no stranger to the business world. He began working for his family's building materials business Wolf Organization Inc., Wolf bought the company in 1985 . He later sold the business in 2006 and went into politics. The governor pulled on that business background while talking about his plans for the state's budget.

"I'm trying to leverage that experience with the things I think government should do in terms of education, in terms of investing in education, in terms of the way we raise money," Wolf said. "Those are the kinds of things I'm asking people to look at."

Governor Wolf says the one thing everyone can agree on about the budget is making a good set of public policies to move the state forward.

"This a practical challenge we have,"  the governor said, "it's a practical problem. How are we going to have a budget? How are we going to make Pennsylvania better?  How are we going to create those good jobs that we want people to come here and take."

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