Senate rejects nomination and denies confirmation of Marcus Brown as State Police Commissioner

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The Pa. Senate voted 26-22 Monday to reject the nomination of Marcus Brown to serve as state police commissioner.

Since Gov. Wolf nominated him, Brown has been facing criticism, from wearing the State Police uniform without graduating from the state police academy, to removing signs placed near his home that criticized him.

Senate Republicans argued that there have been a least eight issues involving Marcus Brown that have caused them to question his ability to lead the State Police with "respect and integrity." On Monday most of them voted against confirming Marcus Brown's nomination as State Police Commissioner.

Gov. Wolf attempted to recall his nomination of Brown Monday before a vote, but that was rejected.

"Col. Brown will remain as acting commissioner. Gov. Wolf has full faith in Col. Brown’s ability to lead the State Police. There has been no decision regarding a timeline for his re-nomination," said Jeffrey Sheridan, spokesman for Wolf. Sheridan also said the Governor is disappointed that his request for a recall was rejected. This would have allowed more time for discussion about the nomination.

Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa (D-Allegheny) said it is "appalling" that Senate Republicans opposed Brown's nomination Brown, calling him “exceptionally qualified and experienced.”

“My hope was that Senate members on both sides of the aisle could rise above the fake controversies, innuendo and attacks and examine Colonel Brown’s record in law enforcement.   The Senate should be better than to get caught up inconsequential issues when it considers nominees to such important posts as commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police," said Sen. Costa.

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