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Harrisburg mayor, council president apologize for accusing marine of stolen valor

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Harrisburg city leaders have apologized after two police officers falsely accused a marine of being a fraud.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse and council president Wanda Williams gave a public apology to Robert Ford.

Ford says he was walking through the city's art festival on Memorial Day when detective John O'Connor approached him. O'Connor said he was investigating stolen valor -- which is the act of pretending to be a member of the military.

O'Connor took Ford to supervisor Cpt. Deric Moody, who also questioned Ford.

Mayor Papenfuse previously said the officers acted appropriately when they questioned Ford, but he and Williams say it's a shame the incident happened.

"They (the police officers) want to apologize to Mr. Ford," said Mayor Papenfuse. "They both take this issue very seriously."

The mayor is expected to meet with Ford and his family on Wednesday.