Lancaster in support of giving police radar guns

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LANCASTER, Pa. -- The Lancaster City Council passed a resolution Tuesday night showing their support for arming local police with radar guns.

Pennsylvania is the only state where local police are prohibited from using radar to catch speeders. Only state police may use them to enforce the speed limit.

The city is urging lawmakers to pass a law allowing local police to use radar. Mayor Rick Gray (D) says it's more needed in the city than on the highways.

"Speed in the city, where there's kids playing and bicyclists and what not, is a special problem and I see no reason not to address it," he says.

There are bills to bring radar to local police in both the state house and senate.

"I get so many complaints about speeding, you'd be surprised," says Gray. He says it's the top complaint behind parking.

But some residents say that it's not necessary.

"There are really some other traffic issues that I think would actually be higher on the list, rather than radar guns," says Mary Haverstick, who works in Lancaster.