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Woman reunited with pet tortoise

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LANCASTER, Pa.- With a little help from Facebook and the local community, a Lancaster woman was reunited with her pet tortoise, Franky-Lynn, today. Franky-Lynn went missing from her West Lampeter Township home last week. Her owner, Jennifer Grebinger, searched for days for the missing tortoise but could not find her 11-year-old, 36-pound pet.

So they took to social media and posted a picture of the tortoise on the Facebook page, "Help Find Sophie." The social media page is dedicated to reuniting owners in Lancaster County with their lost pets. During her time out wandering, Franky-Lynn was spotted several times by golfers at Meadia Heights Golf Club but no one reported the missing tortoise.  Within hours of posting on the page, Franky-Lynn was found wandering around Lancaster County Central Park.

Franky-Lynn is an African spurred tortoise, the world's third largest tortoise species. They can live up to 100 years and grow to be more than 100 pounds.