Commissioners: Avoid fishing, boating, swimming in certain sections of Conewago Creek

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fishkillRunoff from Miller Chemical fire earlier this week may be responsible for fishkill.

YORK COUNTY — The York County Commissioners issued a press release this morning, advising the community to avoid fishing, boating, or swimming in certain sections of the Conewago Creek due to reported contamination.

Until further notice, Commissioners say people should avoid fishing, boating and swimming in the creek as it flows through the following York County municipalities:

  • Paradise Township
  • Dover Township
  • Washington Township
  • Warrington Township
  • Conewago Township
  • Newberry Township
  • East Manchester Township
  • York Haven Borough

The Commissioners are issuing the recommendation based on input from the Office of Emergency Management.

State and County officials have been advised of contamination in the creek, believed to be from runoff from firefighting activities at the Miller Chemical fire in Conewago Township, Adams County on Monday. The contamination has reportedly killed an unknown quantity of fish.

Individuals with questions regarding the environmental impact of the fire can call the Department of Environmental Protection at (717) 705-4700