Get a “Grip” on your Golf Game

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This week, we go to Regents Glen Country Club in York County for the FOX43 Golf Tip. PGA Teaching Professional, Jamie Conners, tells us, how the proper grip can help you hit a better shot.

'Today we are going to talk about the grip. And we are going to look at my left hand right here and the meat of my left hand. When we hold the club properly folks, the pad of our hand should be on top of the golf club. That way I should be able to remove all my fingers with the exception of my index finger and have the golf ball balanced nicely.

We have 3 pads on our left hand. The middle pad should be on the base of the golf club, which allows you to put the pad up on top of the golf club. Your right hand can come up, we can overlap the grip or we may interlock it, where we want the middle pad of our right hand on the base of the golf club as well. Our thumb will then sit on the right hand of the shaft, and our right knuckle will pop like a trigger. If we can get the golf club in our fingers, we will have the freedom of motion. The golf club will rotate better and we will hit better golf shots.'