New animal hospital in Lancaster County helps low income families take care of pets

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EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - People with the Humane League of Lancaster cut the ribbon on a new animal hospital. The state of the art facility is the only nationally accredited nonprofit veterinary hospital in the state.

They will be able to offer a variety of services covering everything from routine checkups to surgery, at an affordable price for low income families.

Karel Minor, the President and CEO of the Humane League of Lancaster says, "The goal is to have sliding scale fees for people that are in immediate, dire need. So if somebody has lost their job, they're on social security, they've got an emergency ... people can get the care they need and not be forced into a financial decision over whether they care for an animal or give it up to an animal shelter."

The hospital is located on Lincoln Highway East.  It's open Monday-Friday from 9-5.