Old Millersville University dormitory used for SERT training

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MILLERSVILLE, Pa. -- An old college dormitory in Lancaster County has been transformed into a training site.

Members of the Lancaster County Special Emergency Response Team -- or SERT -- were at Millersville University's Hull Hall conducting training exercises.

They were practicing different ways to breach the building, as if there was a hostage situation or other emergency taking place.

The dormitory is no longer used for housing students, providing SERT with a rare opportunity to train in a real building.

"A lot of times, as far as the practical application, especially when we use live breaching, live movements, any type of structural damage, [it's beneficial] that we're able to enter a room or building and able to practice those techniques live using some of our tools and techniques," says Sgt. Josh Kilgore, Deputy Commander of the Lancaster County SWAT Team.

The dormitory will eventually be demolished as part of Millersville University's overhaul of its residential housing.