Fun turns into frustration after kids vandalize neighborhood

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YORK, Pa. -- Roll R' Way is considered a place for families and has been family owned in York for 46 years.

Neighbors say after some kids leave the skating rink on Sunday evenings, that is also bargain night, they walk home and vandalize the nearby neighborhood.

Monday through Saturday people say there is no issue but when Sunday nights let out at 9:30, chaos ensues.

Steven Johnson lives nearby and has been a victim of the vandalism. "Crowds of kids come down the street. I'm talking 25-40," he said.

Some Sunday nights he sits outside to protect his neighborhood. "We've had bottle rockets. Fireworks. Windows being broken. Rocks being thrown," he said.

Some of his neighbors have even had their cars dented.

Frank Quintin owns Roll R' way and said 200 kids come on an average Sunday evening in the summer time. He said it is around 30 of them that want to cause chaos.

Johnson says he understands there's not a lot for kids to do in the city. He doesn't want the rink shutdown. He just wants to see Sunday's changed.

"I would like to come together and find out how we can take care of this handful of kids without punishing everyone else," he said.

A meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 12, at 9 a.m. at Roll R' Way to figure out what to do with the problem.

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