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Bump and Run on the Golf Course

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We go to Hershey Country Club in Dauphin County for the FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  PGA Professional, Jeff Batchelor, provides us with the tip.

"The tip is the bump and run shot.  I see a lot of players on the golf course, when they are faced with a 25-35 foot pitch or chip, they take out their sand wedge and they try to make a big "wristy" swing and try to fly the ball all the way to the flag.

So the way to fix that is to go with the lower risk shot.  We are going to use on the bump and run is the 7 iron.  I like the 7 iron, you can use an 8 iron or a 6 iron if you like.  What you want to do is to set the feet slightly open to your stance and grip down on the club.  That will bring us closer to the golf ball.  And what you want to try and feel, is to feel like you are going back with your shoulders, rather than with your hands.  If we go back with the hands, then we have to release the hands and that ads too much speed.  So as you go back, you go back here and notice the Y in my arms in the club shaft here.  You want to maintain that and give it a slight little hinge in the right wrist.  From there, we are going to strike the golf ball and hold our pose in that same line and it will look like this.  And that's the bump and run."