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City tells Veteran he will be arrested if he continues to live ‘off the grid’

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HUNTSVILLE, AL — TylerTruitt and his girlfriend Soraya Hamar have everything they need, and they get it all themsevles.

The couple is living ‘off the grid’ on two acres of their own land.

Truitt told WAFF, “I basically made all my own utilities, I’ve got my solar panels, I’ve got my rain water collection system and stuff.”

But city officials are taking issue with Truitt’s lifestyle, and have threatened to condemn their home.

“If we stayed here we were going to be arrested for trespassing on our own property and the reason why was that they said it was unsafe living conditions because we don’t have city utilities hooked up.” says Truitt.

The former military member says he just wants the freedoms he swore he’d protect.

Truitt says he’s prepared to fight for his home, “There comes a point where you have to stand up for what you believe in.”

The city of Huntsville has filed a lawsuit against Truitt and his girlfriend, calling their lifestyle unsafe.