Storms Thursday evening, drier by Friday

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We’re watching showers and storms trying to fire later this afternoon into the evening along a warm front.  The key player has been the sunshine.  The more sun we get, the better chance we have to quickly prime the atmosphere for potent storms.  Any storms that do form have the potential to produce some heavy rain and gusty, damaging winds.  The tornado threat remains low, but it’s still possible as we sit close to the warm front.  Stay alert for evening plans.  Otherwise, temperatures take a slow ride through the 70s.  Overnight we drop to the upper 60s with mostly cloudy skies.

Storm Timeline

Don’t get too used to it just yet.  Friday is a slow changing day, with clouds slow to clear as the cold front slides through the commonwealth.  As we clear the skies, a northwesterly breeze will cut back a bit on the muggy air for late Friday into Friday night.  Highs Friday hit the middle 80s.  We may see an isolated shower or thunderstorm pop in the afternoon as the front slides south.

Jeff_Surface Map SHOW

A comfy start on Saturday changes quickly as the muggy air makes a return through the day.  Expect highs in the lower to middle 80s under mostly cloudy skies.  As a warm front nudges north, with some added energy and moisture from the remnants of Bill, we’ll wee the chance for showers and storms increase toward evening.  Expect showers overnight into Sunday morning.

Weekend Outlook

For dad on Sunday, it looks like we could be a bit stormy, especially early in the day.  Highs are in the middle to upper 80s with muggy air and mostly cloudy skies.

Summer officially begins Sunday at 12:38 p.m. as the sun’s most direct rays make it to the northernmost point on earth in the year, reaching the Tropic of Cancer.  Enjoy the most hours of daylight of the year!


The atmospheric flow takes a bit of an east to west stretch for the work week. This means weaker, faster moving systems glide by keeping us a bit active.  Monday, we’re mostly cloudy with the chance for storms and middle 80s prevail.  Tuesday and Wednesday, isolated storms are possible under partly cloudy skies.  Highs are in the lower 80s.  The week ends with a warm up and a chance for storms sneaking in at times.

Have a great evening and a fantastic Friday!

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” – Russel Baker