Cleaning up Adams County storm damage, with more on the way

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People are cleaning up in Adams County after storms this weekend brought down trees and took out bridges. And with more severe weather on the way, officials also canceled the Gettysburg Carnival.

In Bendersville, the Opossum Creek flooded and caused damage around the area. Homeowner Alan Cordero's garage was quickly destroyed as some walls collapsed in the flood.

"The water come up that fast, within 5 or 10 minutes, it was knee-high," Cordero says. "This has been the worst one since we've been here, we've been here 12 years now."

Trees and bridges also came down.

"We've never had this much water damage, and just trees toppled over and bridges completely gone, so this one was way worse than most we've seen in the area," says Julie Anderson of Bendersville.

Flooding was a big problem throughout Adams County. Standing water caused the cancellation of the Gettysburg Carnival. It's the biggest annual fundraiser for the Gettysburg Fire Department.

Officials say the Rec Park ground was too soft for the rides, especially with more rain on the way.

"Throughout the whole grounds it was standing water, in some places it was a couple inches deep, and it's in a very low-laying area where the rides have to come in," says Fire Department president Ken Kime. "I just heard that we almost have the deficit caught up so it's welcomed, but it would've been welcomed at a little bit of a different time."

Kime says the department will discuss the carnival at a meeting on Wednesday but it's not clear whether it will be rescheduled or not.