Man nearly struck by train in Shippensburg. Twice.

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SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. — Police say a man was nearly struck by a train in Shippensburg twice in a 12 hour period. It happened on the train tracks to the rear of 407 Scott Drive. At 11:15am on Saturday, a railroad engineer reported that he struck a 4-wheeler that was stuck on the railroad tracks.  The engineer said that there was a male rider on the 4-wheeler that jumped off just prior to being struck by his train. The rider left the scene and was not located.  Norfolk Southern Railroad Police were called to the scene.  The 4-wheeler was left at the scene and it was wrapped with police evidence tape for further investigation by Norfolk Southern Police.

Then, on Sunday June 21,  just after midnight, a police officer overheard a Norfolk Southern train engineer calling a dispatcher on the scanner, reporting seeing a red pick-up truck along the railroad tracks near the Ship railroad interlock.  He also reported seeing some type of equipment on the other side of the tracks.

The officer, Cpl. Shubert, responded to the area via the railroad while two more officers responded to the rear of 407 Scott Drive. When the other officers, Dunn and Sterner, arrived they noticed a red pick-up truck leaving the scene driving in the grass behind the Comcast building near Baltimore Rd.  Officer Sterner responded to the area of the Giant Shopping Center to search for the vehicle.  He located a red pick-up truck sitting on the lot in front of Giant Foods.

The operator was identified as Matthew Farwell, 43.  Officer Sterner noticed 4-wheeler parts in the back of the pick-up truck and property belonging to Norfolk Southern Railroad.  Farwell was taken into custody.  He told police that he was the one who got the 4-wheeler stuck on the railroad tracks earlier in the day. Farwell said that he went back to attempt to retrieve the 4-wheeler from the railroad property.  He was trying to use a winch to pull the 4-wheeler across the track and load it on his pick-up truck when a train passed and nearly struck him again.  He left the area when police arrived.

Police charged Farwell with 2 counts of Trespassing, Tampering with Evidence, Theft and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

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