Northern lights could be seen in Pennsylvania Tuesday night

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A geomagnetic storm took place Monday night June 22-23rd sparking incredible displays of Aurora Borealis or northern lights -seen as far south as Virginia!

The display may not be over yet though, it could last into tonight if you can find a country location , far away from city lights.



Here’s some advice from experts if you’re trying to view the lights:

“Since clear sky and darkness are essential to see aurora, the best time is dictated by the weather, and by the sun rise and set times. The moon is also very bright, and should be taken into account when deciding on a period to travel for the purpose of auroral observation. You might see aurora from dusk to dawn throughout the night. The chances are higher for the 3 or 4 hours around midnight.”

Astronaut Scott Kelly caught the display from the International Space Station.

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