Serving up soft shell crabs

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We are in the kitchen with Adrienne and Harry Tassou from Olivia’s Mediterranean Cuisine in Gettysburg.  We are serving up soft shell crabs.

For more information:

Soft shell crabs

Also known as “softies”

Soft shell crabs is a culinary term for crabs which have recently molted their hard shell and are still soft.

Before eating you must first remove mouth parts, gills, & the abdomen. Rinse & pay dry.

Maryland’s soft shell season runs mid May thru September

Stuffed soft shell crabs

Fresh soft shell crabs topped w our crab imperial and baked a perfect golden brown- served along w garlic smashed potatoes & steamed veggie blend

Crispy fried "softies" sandwich

Served on a homemade roll along w crisp lettuce leaves (no iceberg!), fresh sliced tomatoes(preferably local or eastern shore), mayonnaise, salt, pepper, & old bay to taste..

1-clean crabs & pat dry

2-dust w flour, salt, pepper, & old bay

3-dip in egg wash

4- dip back into flour mixture

5- deep fry @ 350* F 1-2 minutes per side

Serve along w tartar sauce & fresh lemon

* for a tasty gluten free alternative, replace the flour w corn meal or corn flour.  Also substitute the bread w a corn tortilla

Soft shell crab piccata

2 soft shell crabs (cleaned)

1 oz capers

1 lemon

8oz chicken stock

4 artichoke quarters

2 oz butter (real butter unsalted)

1 tblsp fresh chopped dill

2 garlic cloves chopped

Roux- a mix of 2oz flour & 2oz margarine



Bloody Mary

Vodka, Bloody Mary mix, fresh squeezed limes

Shake together and serve on the rocks...

Endless garnishing possibilities- celery, carrots, tomatoes, pickles, peppers, lettuce, kale, olives, etc...

Rim the glass w old bay seasoning


Kinky crush

Xrated vodka, fresh oranges, ginger ale

All shaken & served in the rocks...


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