What’s lurking on your coffee cup lid?

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MILWAUKEE --  A lot of us like to begin each day with a cup of joe.  It's supposed to provide energy and give us a boost before heading off to work.

But a study of coffee being served at restaurants and shops shows you're not just being served a dose of caffeine, you're also getting a nasty side of bacteria.

So what exactly is 'lurking on the lids' when you take a sip?

David Metzger, the president and CEO of Accelerated Analytical and his lab found out.

They tested the lids of four different coffee cups from four different shops. And what they found…was pretty gross.

"I was a little bit shocked." said David.

On 16 lids there were more than 2,500 bacterial colonies. Colonies are groups of the same bacteria found together.

In those colonies there were 32 different types of bacteria. Also found: soil dwelling bacteria, mold, and even pathogens.

"The bacteria that we found I think there  are a few really scary ones there. UTIs. We found some Klebsiellas that are responsible for pneumonia." said David.

But you don't have to stop going out for coffee, there's one simple step everyone can take.

Just ask to put on your own lid, which many stores have you do already, and wash your hands!

You know moms are always right with that one!

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