Protesters camp on Capitol steps as budget battle continues

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The deadline to pass a state budget is Tuesday at midnight.

Sometime during the day, the Senate is expected to vote on the Republican-backed proposal which passed in the House over the weekend without a single Democratic vote.

The Governor and fellow democrat lawmakers aren’t the only ones speaking out against the GOP’s 30 billion dollar proposed spending plan.

Dozens of protesters lined the steps of the Capitol Monday and Tuesday morning for what they’re calling the ‘occupy Capitol’ movement.

They say they support Governor Wolf’s budget because it puts an emphasis on education funding as well as a tax on Marcellus shale natural gas drilling.

Meanwhile, the Republican sponsored budget proposal does not include any tax increases and puts 8 million dollars into K-12 education.

The Senate will also vote on a plan to privatize the state’s liquor system Tuesday.

Republicans say it’s a move that would generate about 220 million dollars next year.

Governor Wolf has threatened to veto the budget bill as well as the privatization plan.

If he does, we’re told Pennsylvanians likely won’t feel any immediate effects.

State Parks and other state-run offices will remain open.