Lancaster County family rents out home during Women’s U.S. Open

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MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- A Lancaster County woman  is getting ready to move out of her home this weekend, but only for ten days.

Monica Kirckner, her husband, and their children are moving out of their home for the U.S. Women's Open. They are renting their house during the event.

"It was five years ago when we first heard about it, and then just recently, maybe around Christmas time, we talked to a family member who was also in the golf world and she sort of hooked us up with the right person to contact to find somebody that would be interested in renting our house," Kirckner said.

To prepare, Kirckner redid her kitchen and finished up some other projects.

The U.S. Open is next week, and players coming from all over the world will need a place to stay. This is one way for Kirckner and her husband to make some extra money. Although they cannot reveal who the four golfers are, the golfers and their families will move into the 4-bedroom home while they compete in the tournament.

"Everyone's like where are you going to go? We're just going to stay with some family members," Kirckner said.

The neighborhood is next to the Lancaster Country Club, so it is a prime spot for golfers. Renting a house for one week can go for anywhere between $2,500 to $3,500. "It's pretty good, it's definitely worth doing," Kirckner said. And the math adds up for the golfers too. "They do a lot of cooking here, so to have room in the fridge and things like that. I guess they're not eating out and living this glamorous life that we think that they might be doing."


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