Burned pit-bull recovers while awaiting forever home

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- A badly burned dog is now recovering with the help of a Cumberland County Animal Rescue Shelter. The Speranza Animal Rescue, in Mechanicsburg, specializes in rehabilitating dogs with formerly "aggressive" reputations. The rehab's latest animal could use your help as he undergoes serious medical procedures.

Speranza Animal Rescue found Jefferson covered in burns. Founder, Janine Guido, is rehabilitating him. Someone surrendered the 2-year-old pit bull mix to a Philadelphia shelter. Guido says she's not sure what was thrown on his, but believes it's grease or chemical burns. His right eye is no longer in use and the muscle on his hind leg shows through where flesh was eaten away.

Guido says, "It's hard to fathom the pain he has endured. I can't imagine how much that would have hurt. But obviously he has come out, despite the torture he's been through, he's still a sweet loving dog."

Guido says Jefferson will stay at the Dillsburg Vet Center for the next few days until his wounds heal. He'll then continue to recover at the Speranza Animal Shelter.
If you're interested in helping out, you can Paypal: Speranzarescue@yahoo.com

Speranza Rescue Shelter:
1216 Brandt Rd Mechanicsburg PA 17055

Dillsburg Vet Center: (717) 432-7031

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