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Prohibited items at The U.S. Women’s Open

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MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. — FOX43 has been covering The 2015 U.S. Women’s Open all this week and we wanted to share with you the prohibited items that if you wish to spectate at the event, you must follow.

  • No Weapons (regardless of permit, including but not limited to firearms or knives)
  • No Explosives and/or Fireworks of any kind
  • No Tablets and/or Computers (cellular mobile devices less than 7” are permitted)
  • No Noise Producing Devices (including portable speakers)
  • No Cameras (other than Monday through Wednesday for personal photographic use)
    Note: Use of cameras and mobile device camera features must follow the photography policy.
  • No Video and/or Audio Recording at any time with any device
  • No Backpacks, Briefcases and/or Bags larger than 6”W x 6”H x 6”D in their natural state
    Note: Transparent/clear plastic hand and shoulder bags no larger than 12”W x 12”H x 6” D are permitted
  • No Pets (other than service animals assisting disabled individuals)
  • No Lawn Chairs and/or Oversized Chairs with Arms (compact chairs without arms are permitted with no case)
  • No Ladders and/or Step Stools or other similar items
  • No Bicycles allowed inside admission areas or on the championship grounds
  • No Metal-Spiked Golf Shoes
  • No other items deemed unlawful, dangerous or disruptive by the USGA and/or Championship Security Personnel, in their sole discretion.
    Note: The USGA reserves the right to amend the list of Prohibited Items at any time to provide a safe and secure championship

More information from this spectator guide for The 2015 U.S. Women’s Open can be read on this document.