United Airlines’ grounded flights cause delays at Harrisburg International Airport

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -  Three big computer glitches affected millions of people on Wednesday, halting trading on the New York Stock Exchange, stopping the Wall Street Journal's website, and even grounding United Airlines flights.

United flights worldwide were delayed Wednesday morning causing delays at Harrisburg International Airport. The flights were grounded for more than an hour around the world. HIA delays happened just before 10 a.m.

United released a statement saying in part it suffered a "network connectivity issue." The FAA says the glitch affected software that automated the airlines' operations.

"Anytime you travel, there [is] the potential for any type of delays," HIA spokesman Scott Miller said. "Whether it's weather, whether it's maintenance, whether it's congestion with air traffic controls system. You know, it doesn't happen very often, I believe it was 75 percent of all of our flights last month operated on time."

HIA says they don't expect anymore issues for the rest of the day. Miller says delays don't just happen to airlines.

"People tend to remember flight delays more than anything else," Miller said. "How many times do you get to work everyday because of local traffic? You go to the grocery store and have to wait because there is a long checkout line; there are delays in every facet of life that we do, just, for some reason, people tend to focus on airline flight delays more than anything else."

United also cancelled a flight from HIA to Dulles Wednesday afternoon.

Forty-nine hundred flights are said to have been affected.