Top selling author explains how you can communicate more effectively

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YORK, Pa. - He's had his own radio show in Baltimore and a regular segment on FOX as a motivational speaker. Author Bob Paff's latest book "Communicating to Win in Life, Love, and Business" is a number one selling book on Amazon, and now he's sharing what most often stops people from communication effectively. Paff says it's fear that keeps people from sharing how they feel.

"Fear really stops us from doing so many things," Paff said. " fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment."

Paff says culture also plays a role in preventing a person from communicating, especially if they were never taught how to do so. With technological advances in the communication world, Paff says people are losing their "interpersonal connections."

Paff says to change this, it's important to communicate with yourself and overcome your fears.

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