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Allstate donates $18,000 to revitalize Harrisburg neighborhood

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Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse eyes down a pair of sneakers dangling from a telephone wire prior to cutting them down as part of neighborhood revitalization ceremony in Allison Hill.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — With scissors in hand, Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse rose in the sky towards the telephone wire. He reached for the shoes which dangled over the air, and with a couple cuts at its laces, they came crashing down. The hope in the City of Harrisburg is eventually, the crime and blight it symbolizes will as well.

Papenfuse accepted a $10,000 check from Allstate Insurance on Wednesday, money which went towards a new handball court in the city’s Allison Hill neighborhood near the corner of 13th and Haehnlen streets, and also general neighborhood cleanup. Allstate said the company would also be donating an extra $8,000 to the city.

“This is an example of great community spirit that is spreading throughout our neighborhoods,” Papenfuse said, “and we want to thank the Allstate Foundation for its generous donation to help develop a handball court as part of this neighborhood’s revitalization.”