Family of Cumberland Co. murder victim warned her about husband – Tonight after MLB All-Star Game

Witnesses to murder-suicide receive trauma counseling

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DILLSBURG, Pa. - On the night of July 2, Sharon Williams, 33, was shot and killed by Arthur Guise, 31. Guise then killed himself, according to Carroll Township Police. The murder-suicide occurred on the deck of Flapjacks Pub and Restaurant in Dillsburg. About 50 people witnessed the tragedy.

Wednesday July 15, the Carroll Township Police Department and the York County District Attorney's Office called in a Keystone Crisis Intervention Team to assist witnesses having difficulties.

"Basically, the purpose for the KCIT, to come out, is to help people process what's happened in their community. Many people have different responses to trauma," said York County Victim/Witness Coordinator Faith Uhler-Myers. Uhler-Myers is also a member of the Keystone Crisis Intervention Team.
"Everybody responds to trauma different. Some people might be able to get over it one their own. But if they're not sure, if they're continuing to have problems, it's never a bad thing to seek help," she said.
The meeting also served as an opportunity for people to realize they are not alone.
"It's a common response to have some of the things like not being able to get images out of your mind. Certain sounds and events will trigger responses," she said.

Sergeant David Smith, of the Carroll Township Police Department, played a rule in bringing KCIT in.

"It's our responsibility as a police department to provide these wrap around services for everyone involved," said Smith.

If you are a witness who was not able to attend Wednesday forum call the York County District Attorney's Office and ask for Faith Uhler-Myers. She will be able to assist you in finding the resources you need.