York unveils first city playground to have a water feature

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YORK, Pa. - With summer in full swing, officials in York unveiled a new outdoor featureĀ  on Wednesday, that comes just in time for these hot and humid days.

York Mayor Kim Bracey and state Rep. Kevin Schreiber revealed the new splash pad at Penn Park on 100 West College Avenue. Officials say this is the city's first playground to have a water feature. It's also the fifth park to be renovated by Bring On Play.

"We know that play can transform kids from just sitting around, to kids that are physically active," Mayor Bracey said. "Play can transform kids from boredom to being mentally active and being competitive. And play can transform kids to solitary to being socially active."

The park was finished in two big phases, making it the largest project completed to date.

The water feature is just one of many recent additions the park has seen. In 2012, a toddler part was built, and last year a second playground was completed.

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