Indian Steps Road Cottage residents fight for summer homes

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LOWER CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa.-- The cottages along Indian Steps Road have been part of the community since the 1950's. But in a few years, more than half of these cottages will be demolished.

For many, the cottages are a scenic place where they can spend their summer.The cottages sit on land that is owned by PPL, which recently became Talen Energy.

Talen Energy plans to demolish around ten of the cottages in 2018. The energy company is tearing down the homes as a part of their land conservation and reservation plan.

Todd Martin from Talen Energy says, "These properties will be deeded over to the Indian Steps Museum and this will allow that acreage to be preserved and used by the public.  It would revert to a natural state."

But, the residents are not giving up the cottages without a fight. They have formed the "Indian Steps Conservancy" in efforts to stop the demolition. The group has created an online petition, which now has over 300 supporters. They are also reaching out to lawmakers for their help.

The president of the Indian Steps Conservancy, Tom Markey states, "We're starting to reach out to members of the community, trying to raise, trying to raise awareness of the situation. Hopefully we can convince Talen Energy these cottages are worth saving."

The group hopes they can negotiate a plan that will accommodate to both the Conservancy and Talen Energy.

Dave Grim has been spending his summers at the cottages for 28 years. He says, "Not only is it the area and the beauty, it's been the relationships we built.  We established friendships that are solid friendships."

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