More charges expected in Harrisburg grand jury investigation

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The Attorney General investigation into Harrisburg's finances continues. Some are questioning how many more people may be implicated in former Mayor Stephen Reed's alleged corruption. He is facing 499 charges.

Reed is the only one facing charges so far out of the investigation, but the grand jury report mentions many others who worked with him and contributed to the alleged crimes.

The report shows Reed used assets he brought to the city as fronts to get personal funds, including the Harrisburg Senators and City Island.

In one instance, the grand jury found Reed appointed his friend to be the only employee of a sports museum that did not exist, and never would. He then asked the Harrisburg Baseball Club to cut a check for $125,000 for the dummy foundation, which the report says was done without question. Reed allegedly used the money to buy artifacts, some of which would sit in his home.

And after his tenure, the Grand Jury found it didn't stop. Harrisburg University allegedly paid Reed thousands of dollars to be a guest lecturer for a class that didn't exist. School officials declined to comment.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane says more charges are are likely in the investigation. Reed is fighting back against the charges.

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