GRAPHIC: Woman gives birth to 10lb baby in car and dad captures the whole thing on video

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HOUSTON, Tx. — Little Josiah is not even a week old, and he’s already an internet sensation.

He entered the world in spectacular fashion as his father drove his mother to the birth center.

Jonathan Pettijohn told KTRK it was not the way they had planned his birth but he thought, “Just keep her calm, me getting all worked up isn’t going to help her any.”

Lesia Pettijohn asked her husband to film the birth with a GoPro saying, “If it would have been my first, I probably would’ve just died.”

This was their third child, and in just minutes Leslia goes from contractions, to her water breaking, to a baby in the front seat of the family car.

Lesia says, “I was probably freaking out way more than I should have. But I really didn’t want to have him in the car. I was scared. I didn’t know if he’d be breathing OK.”

Baby Josiah weighted in at ten pounds three ounces and he’s Lesia’s biggest baby and quickest birth.

The couple had planned on a natural birth at a birth center but Jonathan said, “He came really quick. With our other two, it took more than an hour after the water broke.”

The number one question the couple has been asked? ‘Why did you keep driving?’

Jonathan said, “For one thing, we don’t have a cell phone with service, so we couldn’t have called anyone if I would’ve pulled over. Number two, she said she wanted me to keep driving”

Lesia says, “I can’t believe so many people want to see something like that.”

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