Mosquito samples test positive for West Nile Virus in Cumberland County

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. –  Two adult mosquito sample collections submitted on July 14 have tested positive for West Nile Virus. The collections were from Silver Spring and Dickinson townships in residential areas, suggesting the mosquito reproduction is likely occurring in water habitat on residential property.

Homeowners play a vital role in keeping mosquitoes populations and West Nile to a minimum.

Artificial habitat around a home is a source for mosquitoes to reproduce. Identifying objects such as these around the home that may contain water is important and can provide immediate relief. Primary sources around a home include:

* Buckets, toys left outside
*  Wading pools, unused swimming pools, pool covers
* Bird baths, ornamental ponds
* Clogged roof gutters, unscreened garden irrigation barrels
* Unused uncovered boats, wheelbarrows, ceramic pots
* Discarded containers

The simplest and most economical solution is to empty water from containers and remove the container or render it so that it will not hold water again.

If that is not possible, there are retail products that the homeowner can purchase at a lawn and garden store to place in the water that inhibit mosquito reproduction.

Mosquitoes carry disease including West Nile Virus. Cumberland County participates in the Pennsylvania DEP West Nile Virus Surveillance Program. Adult mosquito samples (30-40 per week) are taken to DEP for testing for West Nile Virus.

When warranted, the County conducts an evening adult mosquito control spray program to reduce the mosquito population. This spray program is conducted after dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Alerts and daily updates and control information can be found on the County web pages (, or phone 240-7808.
In addition to mosquitoes and West Nile Virus, Vector Control provides information or referrals for residents on household pests and wildlife. The office also administers and participates in control programs for Black Fly, Gypsy Moth, and conducts the County’s Weights & Measures inspections.

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