Perry County Animal Rescue director outraged after illegal dumping of tires

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MILLERSTOWN, Pa. -- Inside of the Perry County Animal Rescue, it's business as usual, but outside is a different story.

A volunteer's daily walk at the rescue shelter led her to a disappointing discovery.  Police are now investigating the illegal dumping of hundreds of tires just steps from the 45-acre property the shelter is situated on.

"I was upset, disappointed, and disgusted," Paula Current, director of the rescue said. "They go down the bank and into the woods, several that have rolled down the bank."

Current says while she doesn't know who did the dumping, she has an idea. "Who knows? Someone trying to save a few bucks, Make a few bucks. Whether they picked them up and got paid to do so and instead of taking them where they're supposed to they dumped then on someone else's property."

Current says more than 200 tires were dumped. She said the tires could put the shelter animals' health in danger. "There is water now in the tires.  Mosquitoes have already started to lay eggs, larva, diseases can be caused by that, for people and dogs," Current said.

The removal could cost the shelter up to $600, which is money Current says is not in the budget. Police are investigating whether the dumping is related to two other dumpings in Perry County.

"There has been new information found and police are investigating that they could possibly link them together with the number's on the tires," she said.

Current said they are waiting to talk with police before working on efforts to remove the tires.

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