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Topless sunbather charged

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RED LION, Pa. - State Police say Connie Warner, 55, from Red Lion was allegedly sunbathing topless at Red Lion Mini Storage. It happened around 1:15 Friday afternoon. Warner has been charged with disorderly conduct.

"If it`s a summary offense it`s 90 days, maximum 90 day of incarceration and a $300 fine. That maximum is rarely imposed on a single offense," said Attorney Jeffrey Marshall.

It holds a minimum fine of fifty dollars. The whole situation happened right around the corner from Jubilee Outreach Ministries.

"'I`m appalled to know that societies around us, it`s not just in the big cities, in the bigger city, but even coming to the smaller city," said Pastor Thomas Sawmiller.

The organization feels if men are able to be topless in public, women should be able to be as well. Mothers we spoke to disagree.

"I say absolutely not unless it`s in your own home, and your backyard, not around children for sure," said  mother of two, Tisha Speillman.

Attorney Marshall says even if you are on your own property, it is a case by case basis and if it has a negative impact on society you could be charged.

Charges can include public indecency, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. The only place it is truly exceptable is at one of the three nudist colonies in Pennsylvania.