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Dauphin County coroner links nursing pillows to three infant deaths

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - There's a warning for new parents. The Dauphin County coroner linked three infant deaths to the misuse of a popular nursing pillow. County Coroner Graham Hetrick says the babies died from "postural asphyxia." He explained that position kept the children from breathing.

Hetrick links the deaths to the crescent-shaped pillows which are known to be dangerous to sleeping infants. He warns that parents need to be cautious.

"It's good for parents to watch what pillows, watch what bedding and what kind of bed you're putting them in, because postural asphyxia, it's much easier to get into that position as a baby than it is as even a toddler," the coroner said.

According to Hetrick, the babies were just a few months old when they died.