Franklin County school building to be treated for poisonous spider infestation

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MERCERSBURG, Pa. – Officials in the Tuscorara School District, Franklin County called an emergency meeting last Tuesday in reaction to a spider infestation problem.

Superintendent Dr. Charles Prijatelj, met with school board leaders, the director of facilities, the elementary principal, and the district’s pest control management company. The  purpose of the meeting was to hammer out a plan of action for spider issue at Montgomery Elementary School. Facilities staff began to notice small spiders in isolated areas of the building, which were identified as Brown Recluse spiders.

Brown Recluse spiders are poisonous and are known for their bite which can destroy skin tissue.  The spiders are not native to this region, but have been known to take refuge in areas that are dry and undisturbed.

A pest control management company will apply two intense treatments to the entire building. These non-residual treatments are known to be very effective, and the pest management company believes that they will be able to exterminate the spiders.

The District is taking the situation very seriously, and want to ensure parents, students, and the community that it taking every action and precaution possible to eliminate the spider problem. District staff will trained on proper preventive techniques upon their return from summer break.

The building will not be opened until the district is confident that the problem has been eradicated, and that it is safe.  Once the pest control management plan is completed, district officials will make the results public.