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Local church members help clean up home in Dauphin County

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CONEWAGO TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Members of a Lancaster County church volunteered their time to help clean up an elderly man's home in Dauphin County. Volunteers from Hope Community Church traveled from Mount Joy to Conewago Township to help fix up a mobile home in need of repair.

The group is one of several in the Mount Joy and Elizabethtown area that are taking part in these types of projects. The members have worked on this particular project since Monday. On Thursday, volunteers got down to work re-painting the home, fixing the skirting, and the porch. But they say it's not just about making the home look better.

"A lot of the times we hear about the struggles that are far away like maybe Tennessee or Texas, but we don't hear about the struggles locally," Youth Ministry Director Kim Austin said, "and we have the opportunity to work here, and even build a relationship. That's what this is more about. Yeah, we're fixing your house and it's going to look nice when we're done, but it's about the relationship we can build."

There are about 60 of these projects happening in Pennsylvania.