Raising money for Rocky’s recovery

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. --  Tragedy hit Thursday night when a two-alarm fire destroyed a home in Lancaster Township. The family made it out of the building safely, but their family dog, Rocky, was trapped inside. Firefighters reacted quickly and were able to rescue and revive him.

But Rocky suffered from burns to his upper airway, smoke inhalation, and now he has fluid in his lungs. The family rushed Rocky to the Lancaster County SPCA, and then to an emergency clinic where he was immediately placed him on oxygen and veterinarians started removing debris from his lungs.

Rocky is now in stable condition. He was taken to the VCA Bridgeport Animal Hospital Friday morning, and could be released as soon as Friday night. Veterinarian Elena Shockman said she has seen improvement in Rocky's condition.

Vets are working to take him off oxygen support and continuing to check for fluid in his lungs. "I think things are looking good for Rocky. It remains to be seen as to how he does when we wean him off the oxygen," said Shockman.

Although, in order for Rocky to receive this medial care, his family had to surrender him to the Lancaster SPCA. Executive Director of the Lancaster County SPCA, Susan Martin explained, "In order for us to provide the vet care, they needed to surrender him to us so that we take on his medical bills."

The SPCA is working to raise money to support Rocky's medical care. "The GoFUNDMe fundraiser that we have going on right now, that is all for Rocky," Martin said, "That was the agreement that if they would surrender him to the SPCA we could do a fundraiser to raise the funds to provide for his care, at any cost, and get him reunited with his family."

Currently, the page has raised over $2,500 within one day.

As for Rocky's future, he may have some challenges ahead. "A lot of pets will actually experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from this experience and have anxiety issues after. That is something that he will be up against," said Shockman.

Despite the difficulties he will face, the owners are anxiously awaiting their Rocky's return. "They were very, very worked up," Martin said. "The boy had said that the dog sleeps with him every single night and he didn't care what he had lost, as long as his dog was safe, so that was really touching to see."

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