Grant being used to make York City more breastfeeding-friendly

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YORK, Pa. - The City of York- Bureau of Health organized an initiative to make the city more breastfeeding friendly. A $50,000 grant from the State Department of Health allowed them to help eight businesses comply with the 2010, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Amendment. The amendment requires businesses, with more than 50 employees, to give breastfeeding moms unpaid pumping breaks. The businesses must provide a private place that is not a bathroom.

“We thought this was a great opportunity to work with businesses to help them comply with the law, but also to improve breastfeeding rates in York city and therefore improve the health of the residents," said Craig Walt, Community Health Services Supervisor with the City of York Bureau of Health.

The eight businesses taking advantage of the grant include the following:

Bell Socialization Services, Comcast, Family First Health, Head Start of York County, Santander Stadium and three branches of WellSpan.

Some of the businesses have kiosks while others used a room they already had. At the Santander Stadium, the room is located in a private section of their press box.  The room is complete with a pump, comfortable chairs, air-conditioning, and supplies needed to pump.

“We try to do what we can to make those folks feel comfortable and this is just one small thing we can do for our customers," said York Revolution general manager, John Gibson.