Cops use tricks to catch distracted drivers

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Some drivers think these disguises are sneaky, but police say it’s an effective way to catch distracted drivers.

In Marietta, Georgia, officers are dressing as construction workers in order to crack down on drivers texting, tweeting or checking emails behind the wheel.

Most drivers paid no attention to the road crew walking around their vehicles as they used their radios to inform officers in patrol cars of which drivers to pull over.

The disguised officers are close enough to identify exactly what the driver is doing, which makes their case much stronger.

Many drivers were surprised they were pulled over for texting at a stop light, but officers told WSBTV, “It doesn’t matter if you’re stopped at a light, if you’re on a public thoroughfare and facing the phone we’re going to have a conversation with you.”

Police in California had a different trick up their sleeves.  Officers in San Bernardino dressed as panhandlers to catch distracted drivers.

Some drivers were caught with more than just their cellphone in hand.

“We had a woman coming down with no seat belt on. She was talking on her phone and putting on mascara all at the same time — and driving,” San Bernardino police officer Donald Sawyer told CBS.

San Bernardino police department said they are cracking down on distracted driving because the city now has more traffic fatalities than homicides every year.