New commission forming to combat poverty

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LANCASTER, Pa. - In Lancaster County, about ten and a half percent of the population falls below the poverty line, but in Lancaster City the number nearly triples.

Churches, in the city, have formed a council to be able to feed people three meals every day of the week. At First Reformed Church they serve Tuesday night dinner and Saturday morning breakfast.
“Lately, it’s been over two hundred for each meal. So, in a given week just this facility here will provide over 400 meals," said member George Peterson.

Mayor Rick Gray says he knows poverty is a huge issue. Monday night, he announced he is forming a commission to combat it.

"It’s our intention to take a close look at it and see what we can do if hopefully come up with some specific recommendations," said Gray.

He explains the people living in poverty are "our neighbors" and poverty is a community issue. Currently, he is looking for people interested in being part of the commission.
"Really, the people we are looking for are people who are willing to fess up to a difficult problem and begin to address it and combat it," he said.

He plans to announce more details after Labor Day. In the meantime, those interested can contact his Chief of Staff Pat Brogan.