Firefighter arrested for allegedly setting four fires

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. - A burned out SUV, a soot filled shop, and some charred tires are all that is physically left of Daniel Haas' business, D & S Auto.  Mechanicsburg Firefighter, Collin Miller,22, allegedly started the fire that destroyed it.

"I have no good words to say so I don't want to say anything. I have nothing good to say. It's better to not say anything than what I want to say," said Daniel Haas, D & S Auto.

Silver Spring Township Police say Miller admitted to them that he started the fire. They say he also admitted to starting three other fires including one July 3 in Mechanicsburg and two, in the last week, in Silver Spring Township.

Police say Miller became a suspect after a fire along Millers Gap Road Thursday afternoon. Firefighters told police Miller had been in the area.  Boot prints at the scene led police to Miller. They say they had a specific print. He even wore the boots to his interview.

He is in the Cumberland County Jail on $125,000 bail. He faces charges of arson, trespassing and more from both the Silver Spring Township Police and Mechanicsburg Police.

"If Mr. Miller continued on he's putting not only personal property in jeopardy, he's putting people's lives in jeopardy," said Silver Spring Township Detective, Jared Huff.

Members of the Mechanicsburg Fire Department did not want to comment on the situation. Police are investigating if Miller was involved in a few other unsolved arson fires.

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