Heat on the Attorney General’s Office: Kane sets time to surrender

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A Montgomery County judge is awaiting the surrender of Attorney General Kathleen Kane on charges of perjury and criminal conspiracy, among others.

The Montgomery County District Attorney filed the charges on Thursday, but some of the staffers who testified against Kane are still employed by the office.

Montgomery County D.A. Risa Vetri Ferman, who is prosecuting the case, is praising the staffers who testified against their boss.

"It takes tremendous courage to stand up, and in essence, tell on your boss," says Ferman. "It's a hard thing to do, it takes personal courage, and they had it, they took action at great risk to themselves personally and professionally. And I thank them."

One of the witnesses still working with Kane is First Deputy Bruce Beemer. Beemer testified he knew Kane was in possession of a 2009 Memorandum related to the leak of secret information. But Kane had said she had not seen it.

Beemer also said Kane gave him a direct order not to cooperate with the Grand Jury's investigation. And some - including House Majority Leader Dave Reed, who released a statement on Friday - say the criminal prosecution is a distraction that will hurt the office. They say Kane should resign.

At a news conference in Harrisburg on July 14th, Kane defended her work as Attorney General in the face of the investigation into the leak.

"I disagree with your characterization that the Attorney General's office is 'in a world of trouble,'" she said, answering a reporter's question. "We've been really doing our jobs. You know, I read that this is a distraction, it's this and it's that. I handle whats going on in Montgomery County over here, and I go to work over here."

Kane hasn't spoken publicly since the charges were filed. But in a statement she said she's innocent and she will not resign.

In the affidavit, her first deputy says Kane threatened termination is staffers didn't follow her orders. He quotes her saying, "If I get taken out of here in handcuffs, what do you think my last act will be?"

But one staffer who did allegedly follow Kane's orders to view information about the investigation into her actions is Kane's driver, Patrick Reese. Because of that, he's not facing a charge of criminal contempt.

Kane is under orders to surrender to a Montgomery County Judge. It is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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